Teledyne PDS Update
Teledyne PDS releases new Pile Driving application for Construction support
For the first time, Teledyne PDS customers can now use the high-performance software for Pile Driving applications, including guidance and monitoring, which will reduce production time significantly. Key benefits are quick accurate GNSS positioning of the pile, visualization of the pile driving process, increased safety of the piling crew and integration with the other Teledyne PDS applications.

A pile data file with pre-engineering information (such as position and orientation information) is used as guidance during real time operations. The operator selects the pile to be placed and Teledyne PDS then expertly interprets the environment and will display all relevant information to the user.

For this Pile Driving application Teledyne PDS introduces a Construction Plan View with three guidance bars, an Online Dredge / Construction 3D View and a Construction Bullseye Plan View to guide and monitor the pile driving.

A Statistic report is created after each pile is placed with custom data items selected by the operator.

Advanced Vessel Configuration - Excavator on a pontoon

The Vessel Configuration is part of the configuration. From the Vessel configuration is a vessel managed in this example an excavator and a pontoon. It is possible to use remote devices to retrieve data from another vessel configuration. A sub system is additionally added to the excavator vessel configuration if the crane frame position is showed with reference to the crane undercarriage.

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