Teledyne PDS Update
We are proud to announce a new series of SeaBat and Teledyne PDS training courses. Start the year off well by getting trained on the latest hardware and software technology.

This year, Teledyne Marine again brings you a number of courses set at different global locations. The open courses cover Teledyne PDS for Dredge or Multibeam operations and SeaBat training. Teledyne PDS and Teledyne SeaBat Multibeam Sonars are widely used for many seabed mapping and dredging operations. Due to the popularity of the SeaBat and Teledyne PDS, we also offer a combined training session giving you everything you need to know from SeaBat installation to producing a deliverable in Teledyne PDS.

Global Training Manager, Pim Kuus adds: “Besides our open courses, we still do a lot of training at users’ request throughout the year. We then tailor the training towards the user’s specific setup or workflow. We have a dedicated support team at various offices that allow us to reach out locally for support or training. We invite anyone with training requests to get in touch.“
Teledyne PDS Events to an echo sounder
This movie demonstrates how to define and send Events from Teledyne PDS to an echo sounder.
Layback in Teledyne PDS
This movie demonstrates how to define and use Layback in Teledyne PDS.

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