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I would like to introduce you to Teledyne PDS Update. A lot of things are happening with Teledyne PDS and I would like to tell you about it. That’s why we at Teledyne PDS have decided to send you information, news, offers, tips and tricks and more trough Teledyne PDS update.

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This first PDS Update is about training. I am excited to present our open trainings which will run throughout the year at our global offices. This includes PDS Multibeam, PDS Dredge, or SeaBat + PDS training. The training will be led by some of the world’s best Teledyne PDS instructors, and I strongly recommend you to check it out.

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Learn the new features and workflows of Teledyne PDS
Training schedule

Teledyne PDS can do more than you think. Maximize your investment and bring yourself up to speed with the new features and workflows of Teledyne PDS. To help optimize you’re surveying experience check out our open trainings to the right - >
or get in touch to arrange a bespoke training that exactly fits your needs.

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or contact us for futher details
5 Day Teledyne PDS Multibeam Training

3 Day Teledyne DREDGE Training

1 +4 Day Seabat +
Teledyne PDS Multibeam Training

*) dates subject to change

Data Image highlight
Grid model image from a Teledyne PDS survey on the Mississippi around and under the Horace Wilkinson Bridge using a TDY Odom MB2.

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Feature focus
Use of BlueView M series with PDS Dredge and Construction

Teledyne PDS is used for example on wirecrane and excavator operations to monitor the activities, it can be expanded with other tools to support special applications. One example is adding a TDY BlueView BV5000 unit on a crane to measure in real-time the area you dredge or place objects into. This is the so-called PDS MotionScan option.

Expanding existing PDS installations with ImageScan is relatively easy. The BlueView sonar is fitted to the pontoon and is interfaced to the existing Crane PC running PDS. By adding the pontoon heading information and using the crane position and motion data, the system is ready for operation.

Read more about PDS ImageScan >

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