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Surveying Dubrovik old town port, Croatia

In August 2017 and November 2018, on behalf of the County port authority of Dubrovnik and Institute of Marine Heritage – Ars Nautica, GEOmar... read more

Survey and positioning in windfarm construction – the next level

Your web browser does not support iframes, which means that the video Survey and positioning in windfarm construction – the next level cannot play.... read more

Current and future applications of acoustic scanning in marine engineering surveys and inspections

The study highlights the advantages of using acoustic scanning in the survey of key walls, piles, defensive and other civil marine engineering structures, addresses... read more

The application of Teledyne RESON products in coastal area dredging works

Dutch Dredging is using many Teledyne Reson products integrated in its vessels dredging systems. This presentation focusses on Teledyne Reson products that mix effortlessly... read more

Teledyne Multibeam and Dredge Guidance Hardware and Software for Use in Bridge Demolition

A $4 Billion project in Tarrytown, New York to replace and demolish the Tappan Zee Bridge is utilizing many aspects of the Teledyne Dredge... read more

Using Teledyne PDS Software for Pile Driving Applications

Presentation given by Trevor Yocum from Measutronics. Your web browser does not support iframes, which means that the video Using Teledyne PDS Software for Pile Driving... read more

Innovative Spill Measurement For Wirecrane And Excavator Dredging

ABSTRACT: Monitoring what happens underwater always has been a challenge. Dredge guidance and monitoring software have the advantage that they show the position of the... read more

The Teledyne PDS software suite applied to construction and dredge

Teledyne PDS for construction and dredge is used to monitor the progress of your project. Inside the Teledyne PDS suite there are a number... read more

Cost Effective Pipeline Surveys – using FlexMode and Teledyne PDS

​Cost effective offshore surveys are instrumental to the success of a project more than ever and drive choice of survey equipment and software. This... read more

High resolution structural inspection of flooded tunnel using BlueView T2250 360° Multibeam Profiling Sonar and Teledyne PDS

The Challenge Read as PDF Acquiring accurate data on the structural integrity of submerged tunnels, as well as shafts and underwater caverns, has long... read more

3D Scanning Sonar Data Collection from a Moving ROV

MotionScan™enables the collection of 3D scanning data from an ROV by correcting for motion and position changes of the platform. The solution developed by... read more

Video paper: SeaBat sonars supported by Teledyne PDS for High-resolution Tunnel Surveys

The La Higuera project is co-owned by Pacific Hydro and SN Power and located approximately 150 km south of Santiago, Chile. The headrace tunnel... read more

Sophisticated SeaBat 7130 supported by Teledyne PDS

The Teledyne PDS software team implemented support for the Teledyne RESON 7130 sonar. The implementation covers data recording, data visualization in 2D and 3D... read more

New Vessel Contour Editor

We are proud to announce that Teledyne PDS version 4 has been extended with a completely new Vessel Contour Editor. It replaces the old... read more

Offshore wind parks: Solutions during wind park’s life-span

Presentation given by Nico van Woerkom, Commercial Director, Teledyne-RESON BV at the Underwater Technology Seminar 2014 in Hamburg. read more

Seabed reinforcement of the Little Belt Railway Bridge in Denmark

Peter Madsen Rederi (PM), a Danish company established in 1954, has since 1989 specialized in hydrographical surveying. PM has throughout the years established a... read more

New Teledyne PDS Software features

BlueView Sonar Integration Teledyne BlueView 2D forward looking sonars are now compatible with the Teledyne PDS data processing and acquisition software. All BlueView data... read more

Technology is paying off – Dredging in Abu Dhabi

By Samer Amin NMDC has embarked on implementing latest technologies to its core business; Dredging and Marine Construction. During the last couple of decades,... read more