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PDS Licenses

Maintenance Contracts

With the purchase of Teledyne PDS a Maintenance Contract for one year is included.

The Maintenance Contract for Teledyne PDS provides the following items:

  • Free Teledyne PDS updates during the maintenance contract period
  • Free support by e-mail and telephone during Teledyne RESON B.V. office hours; please note that support does not mean online training!
  • After office hours telephone support is available for emergencies.
  • Furthermore the user will be kept informed on the progress of development, applications and new options.
  • New developments, features and enhancements are available for all licenses with a Maintenance Contract. Some features will be only available as option.
  • Major releases will be announced via Teledyne PDS Twitter to our Teledyne PDS followers
  • At the end of the Maintenance Contract the client can renew the contract after placing a Purchase Order. When client details are fully known by Teledyne RESON an quotation for extending the Maintenance Contract will be send to the client. The Maintenance Contract will be set to the end of the calendar year after a first renewal.

The price of the Maintenance Contract depends on the number of Maintenance Contract licenses purchased and is available on request.

The updates are accompanied with release notes. The release note describes the changes in the versions.

Maintenance Contracts and replacement

With the purchase of Teledyne PDS a maintenance contract for one year is included. Extension of the Maintenance Contract starts from the end data in the license dongle to the end of the present or coming year. When a maintenance contract license is 1 or more years behind we charge 50% of the fee for the years passed.


Each dongle has an “Expiry date” of the Maintenance Contract. You can check the expiry date of the Maintenance Contract in the Teledyne PDS Control Center:  Help – About Control Center. Under dongle information the “Expiry date” is shown. Versions released before the expiry date will always run. Versions released after the expiry date will not run. If a Maintenance Contract is extended Teledyne PDS updates your dongle automatically.

Dongles and replacement

A dongle will be replaced after receipt of the (faulty) dongle at the Teledyne RESON office in Rotterdam. The replacement dongle will have the same features and maintenance date as the dongle to be replaced.