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PDS Cutter Dredge application instruction video is now online

Learn how to use the PDS Cutter Dredge application.  We have created a video that goes through the cutter Dredge project settings, the views used,... read more

Third Annual Teledyne Marine Photo Competition

We are delighted to announce the return of our annual photo contest. This is your opportunity to raise global awareness of the current challenges faced... read more

C-MAX CM2 now added to the list of supported sidescan sonar devices in PDS

Teledyne PDS has added the C-MAX CM2 to the list of supported sidescan sonar devices. With the included C-MAX Device Control panel you have... read more

Seafloor ASV in Teledyne PDS

This movie shows the Teledyne PDS AutoNav Control view for the Seafloor ASV equipped with the AutoNav system. The movie demonstrates how to create... read more

Surveying Dubrovik old town port, Croatia

In August 2017 and November 2018, on behalf of the County port authority of Dubrovnik and Institute of Marine Heritage – Ars Nautica, GEOmar... read more

Survey and positioning in windfarm construction – the next level

Your web browser does not support iframes, which means that the video Survey and positioning in windfarm construction – the next level cannot play.... read more

Current and future applications of acoustic scanning in marine engineering surveys and inspections

The study highlights the advantages of using acoustic scanning in the survey of key walls, piles, defensive and other civil marine engineering structures, addresses... read more

The application of Teledyne RESON products in coastal area dredging works

Dutch Dredging is using many Teledyne Reson products integrated in its vessels dredging systems. This presentation focusses on Teledyne Reson products that mix effortlessly... read more

Support for Teledyne Optech Polaris terrestrial laser scanner and the Somag RSM 400 stabilizer

With the release of Teledyne PDS the PDS team has implemented the possibility to use the Teledyne Optech Polaris Terrestrial Laser Scanner and... read more

Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop 2018 in Cannes, France

Join us as our Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop (TMTW) travels to Europe in 2018! In 2018, our highly-popular TMTW event will travel to Europe to engage... read more

Teledye PDS – LiDAR laser mounting angle calibration

The Teledyne PDS team just release a brand new training video on YouTube about the usage and calibration of LiDAR systems in Teledyne PDS.... read more

Latest PDS version now supports Picotech multibeam sonars

The Teledyne PDS team proudly announces that the Picotech range of multibeam sonars are fully implemented and available for the Teledyne PDS users. The... read more

New ways of visualizing and controlling Single beams

ONLINE SBES ECHOGRAM VIEW Teledyne PDS has released a new view to display singlebeam echogram data and to control the singlebeam device. The Online... read more

Online Side Scan Sonar Backscatter Mosaicking

Teledyne PDS has released a number of new features for Online Side Scan Sonar Backscatter Mosaicking. A new option has been added to the... read more

In 2017 Teledyne PDS brought You

Major improvements Laser cable detection for bundled cables VORF geoid model Trimble Geoid Grid File Block placement application Tunnel Profiler improved support Dredge acquisition,... read more

Teledyne PDS Update – News, offers, tips and tricks and more

A lot of things are happening with Teledyne PDS and we would like to tell you about it. That’s why we at Teledyne PDS... read more

Teledyne Multibeam and Dredge Guidance Hardware and Software for Use in Bridge Demolition

A $4 Billion project in Tarrytown, New York to replace and demolish the Tappan Zee Bridge is utilizing many aspects of the Teledyne Dredge... read more

Using Teledyne PDS Software for Pile Driving Applications

Presentation given by Trevor Yocum from Measutronics. Your web browser does not support iframes, which means that the video Using Teledyne PDS Software for Pile Driving... read more

Teledyne PDS releases new Pile Driving application for Construction support

For the first time, Teledyne PDS customers can now use the high-performance software for Pile Driving applications, including guidance and monitoring, which will reduce... read more

Innovative Spill Measurement For Wirecrane And Excavator Dredging

ABSTRACT: Monitoring what happens underwater always has been a challenge. Dredge guidance and monitoring software have the advantage that they show the position of the... read more