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Highlight: PDS Visual Project Management

A new PDS Control Center is introduced in Teledyne PDS version 4.1. The new PDS Control Center includes new features for visual project management and setup.

We have cleaned up the main toolbar

The toolbar has been cleaned up; functions used by advanced users only are moved. The ‘old’ Acquisition bar is removed. The ‘old’ Acquisition bar is removed to avoid the application and configuration can be changed (accidentally) to easy. The menu option ‘Set Application Type’ from the Acquisition Menu is also removed. The application type and configuration selection is moved to the Configuration dialog.

See survey tracks on the 3D globe

A spinning globe is displayed when the PDS Project tab and the 3D view is selected from the PDS Explorer. From GPS track information it is possible to display the position of the project on the globe. Select Go To from the context menu of the project to zoom to the project on the globe (see Figure 4-2). Only projects marked with a globe symbol have GPS tracks and are displayed on the globe. Select Update PDS file visualization info or Recreate PDS file visualization info from the context menu to create GPS tracks. When the GPS tracks are created successfully than the Go To function is available and the project has the globe symbol. When in Realtime Acquisition a log file is generated than for this file automatically a GPS track file is created.

PDS Explorer now includes tab pages and a view (2D or 3D)

Projects are selected from the PDS Explorer > PDS Projects tab. The projects are displayed in a treeview showing the last creation date, the modification date and the active application type. The new Control Center always opens with the PDS Explorer. The new PDS Explorer includes tab pages and a view (2D or 3D).

Pre-select files for the project in PDS Explorer

The project tab of the PDS Explorer is used to pre-select files for the project. The selected files are displayed in the 2D or 3D view. In this way the user can quickly define and prepare its project. The selected files are immediately visualized in the explorer 2D or 3D view. The selected files also become available in the Project layer. The Project layer is a new layer added to Realtime and Processing views such as the Plan views, 3D views and Editor views. This means it is not necessary to define each individual view used in other modules when it contains the project layer. When a lot of files are selected it is easily possible to distinguish the file in the 2D or 3D view with the locator. Enable the locator. Click on the project file from the treeview and the extents position of the file is indicated in the view.

What about the advanced tab ?

The other tab will contain important files which cannot be used for pre-selection from the Project tab page or are an output. The advanced tab page contains all (advanced) files from the other tabs. It is not possible to visualize these files in the project layer. For normal use of PDS these files don’t need to be accessible. The advanced tab is not by default displayed in the Explorer. Enable the tab from the Tools>Options… > Explorer View dialog.

Teledyne PDS Control Center Visual Project Management and Setup instructional video