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New Teledyne PDS Software features

BlueView Sonar Integration

Teledyne BlueView 2D forward looking sonars are now compatible with the Teledyne PDS data processing and acquisition software. All BlueView data is shown in 3D and plan views, providing a good overview of water column data.

Teledyne PDS supports the integrated configuration and operational controls of the sonar.

It is possible to measure distances within each image view and to also adjust the sonar view color palette.

The benefit for the users is that the wedge and data are shown at the correct position, providing a real time view of the world below sea level.

PDS2000 Interface

BlueView Teledyne PDS – 3D and Plan Views


S57 ENC Chart Data

Support for S57 ENC charts are now a standard feature in Teledyne PDS. The charts can be shown in real-time and are available in both 3D and plan views.

PDS2000 Interface

S57 ENC Charts in Teledyne PDS
Please visit our Teledyne PDS Youtube channel to get  more detailed information on how the Teledyne PDS/BlueView sonar integration works.