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New Vessel Contour Editor

We are proud to announce that Teledyne PDS version 4 has been extended with a completely new Vessel Contour Editor. It replaces the old Vessel Contour editing window. This new editor uses the Teledyne PDS Interactive Editing technology developed for among others the Guidance Editor. Therefore it will support you in editing your vessel contours in the easy and intuitive way you are used from the new Teledyne PDS applications added to the Teledyne PDS suite. The layout of the new editor is fixed and is built to control the editing with a Control Pane which supports your vessel contour editing workflow, to visually edit the top, right and front contours. If needed you can also edit the left side and back contours. The possibility exists to edit the contour points numerically. We understand the need to easily start a vessel contour. Hence we have created a feature to re-draw an existing vessel image quickly. For easy reference the vessel device locations can be shown in the contours with clear markers.


3D view of the vessel with offsets and device offsets         3D view in top view mode with offsets and device offsets

We have created a manual to take advantage of all features of the Vessel Contour Editor but we think the editor is easy to use, even without reading the manual. Did you know you can download all Teledyne PDS manual from the Teledyne PDS website? Just go into a product page and at the bottom you can select to view / download all relevant manuals for the Teledyne PDS product.

For instance: