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Teledyne RESON supply a full range of sensors and software for dredge guidance and construction applications. With over 25 years dredge market experience; Teledyne RESON produces the tools for any user or project. Our clientele includes both large and small dredging companies, hydraulic engineering, construction, offshore, and survey firms. With that in mind, all Teledyne RESON products are designed to withstand the harsh environment in which the equipment is used. Whether it’s for revetment surveys, rock dumping, excavating, dredging, maintenance surveys, building breakwaters, windmill parks, barge management or any other construction projects, Teledyne RESON will supply you with a suitable solution.

Teledyne PDS dredge systems support hydraulic excavators, wire cranes, bucket dredgers, underwater ploughs, trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD), and cutter suction dredgers. The applications strength is the Teledyne PDS software that combines the various sensors and information of your project to a complete solution. The application is easy to use to maximize performance. Thanks to the modular setup of Teledyne PDS it is easy to extend the standard dredge solution with additional features to carry out more complex projects.

Digging and diking or placement of material can be combined into one dredge system. A multibeam system can also be integrated with a dredge guidance system such as a TSHD or cutter dredge. It is even possible to integrate an underwater crawler with an ROV using a multibeam system and USBL for positioning of deep water dredging.

Use of BlueView M series with PDS Dredge and Construction

Proven integrated real time system to monitor the dredge progress efficiently

Integrated and reliable dredge system for real time visualisation and monitoring of your progress

Integrated and reliable dredge system for real time visualization and monitoring of your progress

Monitor, plan and instruct the dredgers in your dredge project

30 years experience with excavator monitoring applications

Integrated and reliable dredge system for real time visualization and monitoring of your progress

Levelling the seafloor and mark shallowest spots

Integrated real time dredge solution for small and large dredging companies

Efficient dredge monitoring system shows the progress: What you see is what you’ve dredged