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Bucket Dredger Monitoring

Proven integrated real time system to monitor the dredge progress efficiently

Teledyne RESON supplies integrated Bucket Dredge Monitoring System. The system includes sensors as inclinometers, ruggedized PC systems, positioning systems and our TELEDYNE PDS software. We can also supply motion sensors, tide gauges, draft sensors and spud pole position sensors.
TELEDYNE PDS provides the functionality especially designed for the dredge operator to carry out their job more efficiently.

TELEDYNE PDS shows real time the position of the buckets and ladder inclination. S57 and DXF project charts are shown in top views together with a digital terrain model (DTM). The DTM shows low and high spots relative to the design depth.

The progress of the dredged area is continuously updated to show the latest results. A spud position computation displays the spud position on your map and grid model. A vessel placement feature shows the latest position and orientation of the dredge to easily return to its former position and heading. The operator has an instant overview of the buckets with the top and side views displaying the vessel outline, buckets, and spud pole. The flexible screen layout allows operators to adjust screens to their needs.

Multiple monitors with independent layouts are a standard feature of TELEDYNE PDS. A grid model is updated real time, registering the progress of the dredging work. The use of 3D design models allows definition of highly complex designs. The position of the dredge head relative to the design is constantly monitored and displayed and immediately visible in the top and side views.

We has proven that TELEDYNE PDS Bucket Dredge is a real aid to cope with projects demanding the most of your dredger.

  • User friendly
  • Real time progress monitoring
  • Vessel placement support
  • Spud position computation