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Cable Lay Monitoring

Maximum use of the engineering preparation to ensure project accuracies

Teledyne PDS Cable Lay is designed to use the theoretical information from the (pre) engineering department as much as possible. Prior to the start of the actual cable lay process,  (pre) engineering work (such as vessel route calculations) takes place in the office. Teledyne PDS Cable Lay allows you to use all this information during your project; visualize it and compare it with the real time values.

The Teledyne PDS Cable Lay provides various layouts to support your cable lay project in the best way possible. Not only will PDS Cable Lay visualize the theoretical values, it will also display the cable lay process in real time. For example using information from sensors such as tension values from the tension machine and the trolley, and using the cable chute position, cable departure angle (CDA) is calculated and displayed. In short PDS Cable Lay will show all parameters that are essential throughout the project.

Whether it is touchdown position, catenary- or tension point or any other parameters, all of these can be visualized numerically or graphically. In one screen the project surveyor has all the information available, allowing him to take immediate action when actual values start to deviate too much from the theoretical calculated values. During the project all data can be logged, for later review. The actual cable route is logged in a separate file. This means your as-laid route is ready for distribution the moment you have placed the cable at final touchdown point.

  • Accurate and reliable
  • Maximum use of engineering preparation
  • Visualise the cable lay process in 3D, top, and profile views
  • Different routes for vessel and pipe
  • Automatic dog legs guidance at the end of the cable
  • Computed cutting points are shown
  • Optimum control of your project