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Cable Trencher Monitoring

Guidance for cable trenchers to monitor the your cable lay combined with multibeam

This application is made for the support of a cable trencher.

The cable will be trenched with a cable trencher. In this application the knife depth will be calculated to determine the burial depth of the cable.

The system uses USBL for positioning of the trencher. A multibeam system can be mounted on the trencher to monitor the trench.

In top, 3D, and profile views the trencher is visible a 3D image of the trencher is used to show the position and depth. When multibeam is used the digital terrain model (DTM) will be updated for the multibeam data, showing the seafloor in real time.

Teledyne PDS can also show the vessel and trencher in the same views.

  • Displays trencher depth relative to the seafloor
  • Real time monitoring of the operation
  • USBL configuration
  • Multibeam measurements included in the project.
  • Easy calibration of the sensors for the trencher