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Caisson Placement

Guidance and monitor the placement

The object placement application allows the user to setup the project in such a way that multiple sensors are used and interfaced. Teledyne PDS object placement can work with multiple r/p sensors and altimeters for measuring ranges between elements or between element and seabed. As positioning system an RTK or laser tracking system can be used for above water positioning and acoustic positioning systems (such as USBL) can be interfaced for underwater positioning.

To guide the object to the correct position, distances to the known object or previously laid object are shown in real time. Tilt sensors placed on the object are used to show the list and trim of the object in bars relative to the designed list and trim. After placement a 3D image is placed on the location to be used for the placement of the next object.

  • Computation relative to previous placed objects
  • Placement guidance is accurate and reliable
  • One software suite for a complete solution for your project
  • Easily integrated with other modules of Teledyne PDS
  • Easy to use software for your application