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Dredge Port Monitoring (DEPOSYT)

Monitor, plan and instruct the dredgers in your dredge project

Teledyne PDS DEPOSYT monitors and controls all survey vessels and dredges involved in one project from a central location. Projects can vary from standard maintenance dredge work to complete port construction projects.

DEPOSYT is also a planning tool that helps the project supervisor and coordinator carry out the project as efficiently as possible by optimizing vessel use and capacity.

Real time sensor data from the different dredges is sent to Teledyne PDS DEPOSYT in the office via Wi-Fi or any other wireless connection. This sensor data contains information from all sensors interfaced to the Teledyne PDS system onboard, including GPS position, dredge tool position, and movement. Examples of dredge tools can include an excavator bucket, a hopper suction tube, or a cutter head. DEPOSYT uses the data to show the actual dredge position and movement and updates the seabed digital terrain model (DTM) in real time.

When additional sensors are installed and interfaced DEPOSYT can also display more data (e.g. fuel level, engine time, engine running status, hopper dredger door status, etc.). This will help the supervisor with planning to maintain or improve efficiency of vessel use. Thanks to DEPOSYT, the supervisor will have an up to date overview of all the dredge activities in the project/ area. DEPOSYT also archives the data so it can be analyzed later.

The project supervisor also has the option to use DEPOSYT to send work instructions to the different dredge vessels via the wireless connection.

A work instruction contains information such as the exact location where the vessel has to dredge, updated depth information, DTM, and any restrictions that may apply.

The operator on board the dredge sees the new work instruction in his Teledyne PDS Dredge System. After acknowledging the work instruction, all details are shown in the Teledyne PDS Dredge System. When the operator deviates from the work instructions and begins to work outside the allocated area, an alarm will immediately be generated both on board the dredger and in the DEPOSYT office to alert both operator and supervisor.

Teledyne PDS DEPOSYT is an essential tool to maintain a high level of efficiency during your dredge and construction projects.

  • Monitors your dredge project
  • Sends instruction and DTM update to your dredges
  • Instructions have to be acknowledged by the dredge
  • Multiple dredges shown in one view
  • Data of each dredge is visible in the office location