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Excavator Monitoring system

30 years experience with excavator monitoring applications

TELEDYNE PDS-Excavator application pro­vides functionality tailored for the dredge operator to carry out their job efficiently.

It shows a real time overview of the excavator in navigation, profile, and 3D views; displaying the dredge tool, pontoon/vessel, design depths, and color-coded digital terrain model (DTM). The navigation view highlights the high and low spots and is updated in real time, recording the progress of the dredging work. The recording follows the shape of the dredge tool and is visible immediately in all views. Up/down indicators show the operator the exact distance to the seafloor and design depth continuously. 3D design models allow the use of complex designs. The monitoring system can also be used for a remote presentation on the bridge of the vessel and it is possible to draw the vessel in the views of the excavator as well.

Teledyne RESON supplies fully integrated excavator monitoring packages, which include a range of ro­tational sensors, inclinometers, ruggedized panel PCs, posi­tioning systems, tide gauges, draft sensors, and our TELEDYNE PDS software.

  • Accurate dredge monitoring system
  • Reliable and robust TELEDYNE PDS software and sensors
  • Easy to use software, yet very flexible
  • For standard and special projects
  • 1 year free maintenance contract with each system
  • Easy to combine with TELEDYNE PDS survey
  • Sensors for stick extension, rotator of bucket, pumps and more
  • Pontoon protection
  • Exchange information between vessel and excavator
  • Minimizing downtime
  • Remote presentation