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Use of BlueView M series with PDS Dredge and Construction

Teledyne PDS software is one of the most versatile software packages available in the dredge / construction market. Its scalability allows the user great flexibility in which way the software is used.

PDS is used for example on wirecrane and excavator operations to monitor the activities, it can be expanded with other tools to support special applications. One example is the add-on of a laser scanning system to enhance the bucket position on a wirecrane or adding a TDY BlueView BV5000 unit on a crane to measure in real-time the area you dredge or place objects into. This is the so-called PDS MotionScan option.

Another example is our block placement add-on module that supports breakwater construction projects from design to final placement.

The PDS ImageScan is yet another add-on developed to support the operator to place or remove objects underwater, from sandbags, boulders or any other object on the seafloor.

Expanding existing PDS installations with ImageScan is relatively easy. The BlueView sonar is fitted to the pontoon and is interfaced to the existing Crane PC running PDS. By adding the pontoon heading information and using the crane position and motion data, the system is ready for operation.

Features and benefits


  • Use as stand-alone application or as add on to an existing installation

Easy to operate

  • Full control and visualization of the BlueView sonar via PDS.
  • Reduced number of sensors required used in combination with existing PDS Crane installations

Combination of data

  • Combined views of Crane tool and sonar
  • Planview shows pipe, cable routes or objects to place / remove