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Teledyne PDS LiteView

3D viewer for Teledyne PDS files shows survey data in PointCloud

Teledyne PDS LiteView is a freeware 3D viewer that can be used to view Teledyne PDS data files. The viewer will read the Teledyne PDS logdata files, grid model files, 3D design model files and GeoTIFF files. The multibeam and laserscanner data will be extracted from the logdata files and will be visible in the viewer.


From now on (version and later) PDS LiteView will only be released as a 64 bit version!
The Teledyne PDS LiteView 64-bit Windows version offers faster performance, optimized memory management and better feature utilization.

No dongle is required to run Teledyne PDS LiteView.

PDS LiteView is a true viewer; meaning that the data cannot be adjusted in the viewer. For editing the data, the Teledyne PDS Editing module in Teledyne PDS has to be used.

Key features:

  • PDS LiteView shows:
    • Multibeam bathymetric data
    • Laserscanner data
    • Multibeam watercolumn samples data
    • Multibeam water column image data (projected and the wedge)
    • GeoTIFF files
    • Digital terrain models
    • Draped GeoTIFF files on the digital terrain models
    • Design models
  • Easy to navigate through the data