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Levelling the seafloor and mark shallowest spots

Teledyne PDS Plough supports different ways to monitor your leveling operation. Teledyne RESON provides the software  as well as the sensors to accompany the system.

Teledyne PDS visualizes the plough in top, profile, and 3D views indicating where leveling has taken place. The position and depth of the plough is logged to a digital terrain model (DTM) which is color-coded for depth. It is possible to display a design depth in the profile views, indicating whether the plough has to be lowered or hoisted.

It is also possible to create and record events when the plough or bar ‘hits’ targets or objects. Each time the event button is pressed, Teledyne PDS writes the current plough location to a DXF file and shows position with the bar length and direction of sailing.


Monitoring the progress increases the efficiency of the plough operation.

  • Monitoring your ploughing
  • Shows the leveling progress
  • Creates a list with shallowest hits
  • Easy to use