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Rock Dumping and Placement

Guidance for positioning of dump vessel and ROV, dump activities and verification of the dump using multibeam

Teledyne PDS Rockdump provides the functionality tailored to rock dumping operations to carry out the job more efficiently. The operator has an instant overview of the rock dump vessel with the top views displaying the vessel outline and the slides. Information about the vessel, the design model, surveyed area and/or pipeline is shown in various views that are updated as soon as new data is available and during the rock dump.

Teledyne PDS supports two types of dump method: Sweep (dumping over the site) and Areadump. The digital terrain model (DTM) is updated when a bay is opened. Update can be set to count the number of dumps per cell, add a predefined value to the depths in the DTM, or set the value to a fixed depth.

If a load device is available the dump layer or dump quantity can be calculated and used for the update. More than 1 bay can be defined and each bay can be operated independently.

When a stone dump vessel is equipped with an ADCP current profiler it can be interfaced to  Teledyne PDS. A mean current vector is computed to properly offset the dump location.

  • Supports both sweep and area dumping
  • Each bay/hopper can be updated independently
  • Option to combine with multibeam survey on ROV
  • For deep and shallow water
  • Easy to use