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Slope Protection

Slope protection made visible for efficiency and quality control

A number of special features are implemented in Teledyne PDS for underwater slope protection purposes.

Guidance features are used to position a work vessel and monitor the laying of slope protection material. 3D images and 3D views display all movements of the vessel, crane, and the slope protection system.

Teledyne PDS displays the layout of the barge and system tuned to your project. Whether you use a specially designed system or a grab crane, Teledyne PDS displays your tools in the different views. Stone placement is monitored as well.  You can also set alarms to alert you when the grab is too close to any part of your system to avoid damage.

Teledyne PDS can also display systems to place the fabric cover layer. When sensors are mounted on the frame, they are shown in the different views. The laying equipment is displayed in 3D, so list and trim is also visible. Bars show the design values relative to the real time values to position the protection in the best possible way. The slope protection application can easily be tuned to your project and display your equipment.

  • Monitors position, orientation, and angles of your slope protection project
  • 3D views, 2D profiles, and bar indicators provide the quality control tools for your project
  • Improved efficiency- what you see is what you do
  • Easy to use for the operator