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Teledyne PDS 4.3

Teledyne PDS software for all our product categories – also 64-bit!

Teledyne PDS 4.3 is available in 64-bit and 32 bit. The Teledyne PDS 4.3 64-bit Windows version offers faster performance, optimized memory management and better feature utilization.

Teledyne PDS is a multipurpose software platform and supports a wide range of tasks within Hydrography, Dredge Guidance, Construction Support, Search & Recovery Operations and Port Entrance Monitoring.

Teledyne PDS is of-the-shelf software and developed to solve the variety of challenges that arise from each specific task in the main business segments served by Teledyne Marine. It interfaces with a wide range of survey instruments such as Lidar, Multibeam and Singlebeam Echosounders, and is an optimal tool for interfacing to a variety of periphery sensors, including dredge and construction

We are very interested in all the feedback you can provide us on this new PDS 4.3 version. Do not hesitate to contact us. That can be done on pds[at] or +31 10 245 15 00.

You can download Teledyne PDS as a free trial

The PDS Trial version lets you operate Teledyne PDS in ‘demo mode’. This enables you to get a firsthand impression of the interface and workflows in the Software Suite.


To be able to operate the full application in Teledyne PDS you need to buy the specific application key dongle. When Teledyne PDS software is opened without the dongle it will operate in ‘demo mode’. Functions such as ‘save data to file’ and ‘data acquisition’ are disabled.

For Inquiries on specific applications in Hydrography, Dredge, Construction, Search & recovery or Ports please contact us for a temporary evaluation license.