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Trailing Dredging Suction Hopper

Integrated real time dredge solution for small and large dredging companies

TELEDYNE PDS for Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge (TSHD) is designed to meet the dynamic demands of today’s dredge operator.

TELEDYNE PDS-TSHD is an easy to use monitoring system that visualizes the dredge process real time in 3D, top, and profile views. The system gives an instant overview of the horizontal and vertical position of the suction tube, the vessel outline, and the dredge heads along with the surveyed depths, design, and dredged depth. Dredged areas are shown in various views, which are updated as soon as new data is available. Alarms can be generated for safety of the operation and to maintain the quality of the dredge progress.

A color-coded digital terrain model (DTM) highlights the high and low spots. The DTM is updated in real time, registering the progress of the dredging work. The updated real time models supported are depth, differential, and production models. The update follows the shape of the dredge heads and is visible immediately in the top, profile and 3D views. 3D design models allow definition of highly complex designs. Concentration, flow, vacuum, and pressure data can be displayed as well.

DLM and TDS and reporting to Dredge Information Systems

The draft load monitoring (DLM) and tons dry solids (TDS) are options to TELEDYNE PDS-TSHD. DLM reports are generated automatically. A trip reporting option is available and the  data can be linked to dredge information systems maintained by certain port authorities. Trip reporting can be done automatically when TELEDYNE PDS is interfaced to the pump, valve, and hopper door switches.


  • TELEDYNE PDS-TSHD visualizes the dredge process
  • Easy to use dredge guidance and monitoring software
  • Suitable for your TSHD and your project
  • Multiple monitors with independent layouts, tailored to the needs of the dredge operator and helmsman
  • Trip reporting
  • Robust sensors, easy to operate system
  • Option to combine with multibeam or single beam echosounder